[clarissa] please subscribe to new "clarissa" list now

Donald Lancon dcljr at obkb.com
Fri Feb 23 07:58:36 UTC 2007

As everyone here knows by now, TCP.com is closing down on Feb 28th and
the "clarissa" list is moving to a new home.

Well, here's the new home:


You should also be able to use the completely synonymous (with one
exception mentioned below) shorter version:


(Capitalization doesn't matter, but the hyphens definitely do -- I don't
own MJH.net!)

The new list has the same name and is also a Mailman-based list, so in
other words the new list address is either of the following:

  clarissa at melissa-joan-hart.net
  clarissa at m-j-h.net

And you can subscribe through the web at:


Or, if you really need to, you can e-mail the single word "help" (in the
subject line or message body -- no quotes, of course) to

  clarissa-request at m-j-h.net

and follow the instructions provided.  (The web is the much easier method.)

Note that the 'mailman' URL shown above is the one case where you can't
substitute M-J-H.net for the longer version (although this might change
in the future).

I've tried to think of a fool-proof method of transitioning to the new
list without anyone missing any messages, but I couldn't come up with
one that didn't involve some inconvenience or confusion.  So just make
the switch as soon as you can, and if you want to check for missed
messages, see the mailing list archives (which should exist later today
or tomorrow) accessible through the URL above.

To help smooth the transition, I recommend all posters (subscribe and)
post to both lists for the next week, until TCP.com shuts down on Feb 28th.

So, OK... let's do this thing!

See you on the other side... :-)

 - dcljr

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