[clarissa] a disturbance in the force

Donald Lancon dcljr at obkb.com
Wed Feb 28 18:23:36 UTC 2007

The "clarissa" list is no more.  Long live the "clarissa" list! :-)

Jim Lick has just notified me that all mail to <clarissa at tcp.com> is  
now being directed to <clarissa at melissa-joan-hart.net>.  The  
'listinfo' webpage no longer works, so I guess that means the old list  
is really gone now.  (Moment of silence.....)

As I type this, however, the list mail archives are still available.   
This will probably only be true for the next few hours, though (so I'm  
not posting the URL).

Of course, I plan to make the old list mail archives available at  
Melissa-Joan-Hart.net, so just Stand By and I'll post here when that's  

  - dcljr

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