[clarissa] MJH-directed movie airing Oct 21st on Lifetime

Donald Lancon dcljr at obkb.com
Sat Oct 21 08:18:26 UTC 2017

Sorry for the late notice, but 'The Watcher in the Woods', a TV movie
directed by Melissa, is airing on Sat, Oct 21, 2017, at 8pm ET on
Lifetime (cable channel).

I don't think I've posted anything about this for the months that I've
been getting Google Alerts about it.  (This is the first I've noticed an
airdate for it.)  Again, sorry...

(Then again, if you really care about keeping up with MJH-related stuff,
you know not to rely on this list for that kind of thing anymore.)

 - dcljr

"Whatever." - Piper in "Piper Comes to Visit" (CEIA #156)

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