[clarissa] MJH supports Trump? {{citation needed}}

Marcus Schweiker marcus at schweiker.net
Wed Feb 26 12:46:19 UTC 2020

Arnold Schwarzenegger is no supporter, for sure. They had some fights with
each other in the past. 

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Google Alerts alerted me to this mention of MJH:

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US Elections: The Handful Of Celebrities Still Supporting President
Trending News Buzz
Celebrities that support Trump include Melissa Joan Hart, Kelsey
Grammer, Tim Allen, Caitlyn Jenner, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Clint
Eastwood and ...

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Most of those names don't surprise me too much, but I don't believe I've 
ever seen MJH actually say she supports Trump.

Does anyone have a citation they can post?

The article doesn't give any indication of how they got that list of 
names (i.e., quotes from Twitter, or whatever).  (Note that the website 
doesn't say who owns it, AFAICT, so it may well be full of shit.)

I know she supported the Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, in the 
2016 election, and I know she's been increasingly signaling her 
"conservativeness" (a la those other celebs listed above) over the 
years...  But I don't recall seeing her express any actual support for 
Trump.  Maybe I haven't been paying close enough attention.  (I do not 
follow her or anyone else on any social media platforms.)

FYI, last week there was an article from the 'Washington Square News' 
<https://nyunews.com/opinion/2020/02/18/bloomberg-meme-election>, the 
student newspaper of NYU [New York University, which MJH attended but 
did not graduate from], listing her as one of the celebs who 
"enthusiastically responded to" Instagram posts "disguised as memes" 
serving as paid "campaign advertisements for presidential candidate 
Michael Bloomberg" that were "deeply ironic and hyper self-aware, 
[branding] Bloomberg as distinctly out-of-touch [...] like the memes 
your grandfather sends you".

Since the article doesn't quote either from the meme post that MJH 
responded to nor from her response, it's impossible to say what that 
indicates about her political views.  (But some of the other posts can 
still be seen in an article they link to:

  - dcljr

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