[clarissa] MJH interviewed by Jaleel White

Donald Lancon dcljr at obkb.com
Fri Oct 23 00:45:40 UTC 2020

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Jaleel "Steve Urkel" White now hosts a podcast where he interviews other
former child stars
The A.V. Club
Upcoming guests include Seth Green, Melissa Joan Hart, and Mayim Bialik.
Check out the (strangely horrifying?) visual trailer below[...]

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The reason the trailer is "horrifying" is because it's done like the 
opening credits of a '90s sitcom, with White face-replaced into clips 
from the shows and movies the former child stars from the first season 
of the podcast are known for.  Seeing White's face on MJH's body in 
clips from CEIA and STTW _is_ a bit unsettling...

The trailer is on YouTube:


(Unfortunately, when I tried to visit the website linked to in the video 
description, it overloaded my browser/computer so much, I had to give up 
and do a hard reboot to regain control.  I guess I won't be listening to 
the podcast that way...)

I don't know when MJH will be showing up, exactly, but the first three 
people (besides White himself) in the trailer are the first three people 
he interviews on the podcast (but not in the same order).  So, if that's 
anything to go by, MJH appears in position 9 out of 10 in the trailer. 
The first two (non-introductory) episodes were both released on Oct 
13th, and the third on Oct 20th.  So... maybe in a few weeks?

  - dcljr

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