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Melissa Joan Hart Unhappy With 9/11 Coverage: 'If Kardashians Can Be 
Covered 24/7 Why Can't ...
The Inquisitr
Melissa Joan Hart is extremely upset with the media's coverage of the 
14th anniversary of 9/11. In fact, she's so furious about the lack of 
air time given ...

Melissa Joan Hart Blasts The Media Over 9/11 Coverage
The Inquisitr
Melissa Joan Hart, the actress known for her roles in Sabrina, the 
Teenage Witch and Melissa & Joey, recently blasted the media for what 
she called ...

Melissa Joan Hart Rants: "If Kardashians Can Be Covered 24/7, Why Can't 
We Have One Day ...
Gossip Cop

Melissa Joan Hart criticises cable news memorial coverage of 9/11 tragedy
Digital Spy UK

Seen News About the Kardashians Today? Here's Why Melissa Joan Hart Has 
a BIG Problem With ...
IJ Review

Melissa Joan Hart Exploits 9/11 to Plug Clothing Line After Rant About 
News Coverage of 9/11

Melissa Joan Hart Apologizes For 9/11 Free Shipping — SEE STATEMENT
Gossip Cop

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