[clarissa] MJH confirms CEIA reboot "a possibility"

Donald Lancon dcljr at obkb.com
Thu Nov 29 07:35:35 UTC 2018

Info from Google Alerts:

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Melissa Joan Hart Dishes on a Clarissa Explains It All Reboot: 'There's 
a Possibility'
PLUS: The actress gives her own take on what she thinks the show would
look like.

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Note that the page being linked to here doesn't have any text info about 
this story beyond what is quoted above.  You have to watch a video clip 
(after an ad, of course) to get any actual information.

Suffice it to say, Melissa says it's taken "years" to get "contracts" 
drawn up to make the show "a possibility", and that she has no idea what 
form it might take.  Sounds like it's in very early development, so it's 
probably likely it will never happen.

With the 'A Very Nutty Christmas' Lifetime movie coming up, she's 
probably done other interviews recently where she talks about the CEIA 
"reboot" rumors.  I just haven't seen any, personally.  Interested 
parties can scour the Internet for such clips.

As someone who has not seen many clips of her lately, I should say that 
she looks (to me) like she hasn't aged a day in the last 20 years.

Well, OK, maybe the last 10 years. :-)

  - dcljr

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