[clarissa] Clarissa Explains Nursing?

Donald Lancon dcljr at obkb.com
Sun Jan 24 02:11:02 UTC 2010

I just saw something interesting: James Van Der Beek is joining the cast 
of 'Mercy' (NBC hospital drama) next week.  This is a show that Michelle 
Trachtenberg is already a regular cast member of.

Now, if this information doesn't mean anything to you, then you don't 
know your 'Clarissa Explains It All' guest stars:

* Michelle Trachtenberg played Elsie Soaperstein in "Babysitting" (#151)
* James Van Der Beek player Paulie in "Alter Ego" (#157)

Can a guest appearance by MJH be far behind? ;-)  [Yes... probably far 
behind.  As in, never.]

  - dcljr

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