[clarissa] VH1 Lists MJH as #14 on List of 100 Greatest Kid Stars

Adam Lieberman adamlny at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 14 18:31:07 UTC 2012

      I'm finally posting this.

      VH1 has been showing a five-part series with a countdown of the "100 
Greatest Kid Stars." Melissa Joan Hart comes up as #14 in "Hour 5," which 
is scheduled to be on today at 3:25 PM. Their schedule says "All Times 
EST"--I can't be sure the schedule in other time zones. Well, at least not 
without delaying sending this.
      Today's hours are longer than an hour, as previous showings have 
been.  It's on again later with time slots of just an hour.

Fri 12/14  3:25 PM -- 1 hour 5 minutes
Tue 12/25  9:00 PM -- 1 hour
Sun 1/6/13 2:00 PM -- 1 hour

List of kid stars:


Then-and-now picture of MJH:


      One final note: I know their online list says she's number 14, and I 
suppose that's her number on the show. But I'm not certain I saw them 
number her 14 on the show. I know she's near #14. There are some 
irregularities in their numbering.

                                                 -Adam Lieberman
                                                  adamlny at earthlink.net

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