[clarissa] VH1 Lists MJH as #14 on List of 100 Greatest Kid Stars

Adam Lieberman adamlny at earthlink.net
Sat Dec 15 19:25:15 UTC 2012

At 01:31 PM 12/14/2012 -0500, I wrote:

>      VH1 has been showing a five-part series with a countdown of the "100 
> Greatest Kid Stars." Melissa Joan Hart comes up as #14 in "Hour 5," which 
> is scheduled to be on today at 3:25 PM. Their schedule says "All Times 
> EST"--I can't be sure the schedule in other time zones. Well, at least 
> not without delaying sending this.
>      Today's hours are longer than an hour, as previous showings have 
> been.  It's on again later with time slots of just an hour.

>      One final note: I know their online list says she's number 14, and I 
> suppose that's her number on the show. But I'm not certain I saw them 
> number her 14 on the show. I know she's near #14. There are some 
> irregularities in their numbering.

      There were irregularities in their scheduling, too. "Hour 5" was 
shown earlier than scheduled. I think they may have used the shorter time 
slot that was just an hour, or closer to it. And I didn't see the part with 
MJH this time, because I was out doing laundry. So I can't confirm her 
number on the list.

                                                 -Adam Lieberman
                                                  adamlny at earthlink.net

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